Around 1878, the Pleasant Hill Methodist Church was founded in the Basin community, and has been a place of worship for over 140 years. The land was given by the J.B. Goff family and later more land was given by the W.L. Harvison and Donnie Parnell families.

The first church was small and simple. It was made of rough six-inch boards. The eats were twelve-inch boards with one board supported by a frame to lean against. The lights were kerosene lamps. Pleasant Hill Church did not have electricity until 1939.

In 1898, a larger church building replaced the first building. Lumber for this building was donated by the Luce family. The building materials for the church house were brought up by barges on the Pascagoula River and hauled by ox-driven wagons from the river to the church site. The building was turned in 1945 to face south. Sunday School rooms were added soon after this project was completed. Then, in 1975, this building was replaced by our current building. The education wing was added in 1977. Since that time, a modern fellowship and recreational building (The Christian Fellowship Center – CFC) has been constructed.

Many people first notice the bell outside of the main building. This bell was given by three charter members: P.M. Byrd, J.B. Goff, and Jess Parker so that those living in the area would know when the time to worship had arrived.